Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AOL Wouldn't (Even Know How To) Do That

Does gmail scan your email and then put up ads they think you would like based on what you've just written? Because I feel like every time I look over there it's something I've just talked about scrolling around like it ain't no thing. There's only so many times an ad for anal porn can come up before a girl starts to get curious.

I'm probably just being really paranoid right? Keep in mind I often freak out that when I'm on my cell phone, bitching about work, the co-worker I'm talking about has magically been dialed on some sort of telepathic conference call and can hear everything I'm saying about them, so I make Gige or Gabi hang up with me and call me right back so that I'm sure the other person isn't on the line. They put up with a whole lotta crazy, those two.

I'm gonna go email this to myself and see if an ad for anal telepathy comes up. That should solve it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Ten Things I Want To Stop Finding and Removing From My Body:

1. Stitches. That's three now people. Three sutures I've taken out myself. What in the what?!?

Ok, I guess that's it for the top ten, but just know that if I find anything else, I'm removing that too. More stitches, small woodland creatures, a baby, you name it.

Also, thank you Bub for bringing this into my morning! If it came down to a choice of who we could have in our lives forever, each other or Tina Fey, I'm pretty sure Bub and I would give each other up in a heartbeat.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Who Doesn't Have A Thing For Boys Who Say Aboot

I don't wanna get political here, I'd much rather discuss abortion, but this is purely informational. I just want ya'll to know if Palin gets elected you can reach me at:

Amy Bing
2345 Maple Leaf Rd.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6Z 2K6

In other news, my stitches got taken out on Wednesday and I only have to wear a bandage for another week after that! Whoo! EXCEPT that today I was wondering why the ends of my scar were still swollen and hurting and I did some very bend-y checking, and I come to find that, no big deal, ain't no thing, it's totally fine, but THERE'S TWO STITCHES STILL M F-ING IN THERE!!! After an appropriate amount of frowning, I got out my suture removal kit (I'm better than a boyscout) and took those suckers out. Now nothing hurts.

Weirdest moment I've had with myself ever.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fall TV And All Is Right With The World Again

September 1st hit and Chicago got the memo.

Up until then it's been nice and hot and summer-y all over the place, and then I go to one day of class and suddenly the leaves have changed, it's raining, and I shut my windows for the first time in three months. The upside is that I'm back in my sweats instead of sitting on my couch in a pair of boxers and a wife beater, drinking white wine from 7-11, sticking my feet under the cold water and then running to the fan to simulate some sort of air conditioning.

This weather makes me want to buy lots of school supplies and watch My So-Called Life on a loop. Fall seems to feel the same no matter where I've lived, but the whole 'having seasons' thing is turning out to be really nice. It's like a reward for enduring whatever life winter sucked out of you. Plus(!) to make the transition into cold that much more bearable the fall line-up is back and tv is about to get awesome again!
Thank god because I was getting much too much reading and work done now that I finished Lost and Veronica Mars.