Thursday, March 17, 2011

Warning: Overly Melancholy Post That Doesn't Even Mention The Fact I Made An Entire Oreo Cheesecake For Myself Today Not Because I Was Sad Just Hungry

I'm so in love with Patty Griffin right now that I'm having a hard time focusing on Glee - even though I loooooved it - it's just that I recently put her back on my "baking" playlist which has sort of turned making brownies into more of a gut wrenching/crying-my-eyes-out-in-the-kitchen-in-the-middle-of-the-day-with-my-pants-unbuttoned sort of thing, than it is a let's-bake-a-tasty-treat sort of a thing.

I mean, just listen to this. Just listen and tell me you don't feel a stirring in your soul you haven't felt since you were in High School and everything was emotional to a fault, and then once you got older things started to dry up, and close off, and put itself into a complete emotional coma so you could actually get through life instead of just feeling heartbroken and devastatingly gloriously happy all at the same time for tiny little things like when Angela held hands with Jordan Catalano for the first time. Or when the guy you were (secretly) in love with laughed at something you said in class and you thought you were going to melt through the floor into a puddle of something that resembled mercury - all silver and moving like waves on the carpet and if touched cut into a million pieces. Or when your brother moves out of the house and into a group home, and then one day you walk past his room expecting to see him in there laughing at one of his secret little jokes with himself and it's takes you a good ten seconds to remember he moved out two years ago, and is so happy where he is - but still it makes you curl up onto his race car bed and fall asleep there until dinner.

Listen and tell me this doesn't make you feel like that. Or however you felt when you were in High School. (And if you were one of those kids who made it through teenager-hood without some sort of misplaced passion for everything, then I can not ever relate to you. Sorry.) (Just kidding, you're probably much better off.)

(The video is lame, so you can just stare at a picture of a rainy landscape if it helps. Like this one.)

And now I've run out of time to explain why I loved Glee (boy kisses!), but I will tomorrow (kissing of boys!) when I've had time to re-watch it (the scene where the boys are cute and they kiss!) and can pinpoint exactly what made this episode so good (not a tiny kiss but a full on sweet, romantic kiss!).

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